What is FlyWheel Managed Hosting? See FlyWheel Hosting Plans

Finding the right web hosting can be tough. Did you know FlyWheel offers managed WordPress hosting specifically for designers and agencies? This article will guide you through what FlyWheel Managed Hosting is, its plans, and how it can solve your hosting needs.


What is FlyWheel Managed Hosting?

Discover FlyWheel Managed Hosting, a tailored WordPress hosting solution designed for creative agencies and web developers, providing intuitive client management tools and a suite of advanced features.


Managed WordPress hosting for designers and agencies

FlyWheel Managed Hosting serves designers and agencies with a focus on WordPress sites. It offers a blend of speed, reliability, and security optimized for creative professionals. The platform turns hosting into a smooth experience by providing features tailored for web development workflows and client management.

Agencies benefit from FlyWheel’s intuitive tools that streamline site creation, management, and scaling. With managed services like automatic updates, daily backups, and strong defense against threats, teams can focus more on designing great websites and less on server maintenance.

Plus, the hosting environment is built on Google Cloud Platform to ensure top-notch performance for all WordPress sites.


A full suite of tools for agencies

FlyWheel offers a comprehensive range of tools tailored to meet the specific needs of agencies. These include intuitive client management tools and a dashboard designed to streamline website management, server management, and workflow processes.

Agencies can also benefit from the Exclusive Agency Partner Program, providing access to advanced features for enhanced website performance, site management, and white label branding options.

With FlyWheel’s suite of tools, agencies gain access to a platform that is meticulously crafted to navigate the complexities of website hosting while seeking more than just basic server management solutions.


Intuitive client management tools and dashboard

The client management tools and dashboard are designed to be user-friendly, assisting you in organizing and managing your clients efficiently. Easily track and manage multiple client websites from a single intuitive dashboard.

Access key client information, billing details, and site performance metrics with ease.

These features enable streamlined communication with clients, simplified project management, and seamless collaboration within your team. The intuitive interface allows for quick navigation and effortless access to the tools needed for effective client management.


Exclusive Agency Partner Program

FlyWheel offers an Exclusive Agency Partner Program tailored for agencies and designers. It provides special perks, including a dedicated account management team, white labeling options for client sites, and priority support.

This program aims to streamline workflows and enhance the agency’s capabilities with FlyWheel’s managed hosting services, adding value to their client offerings.

Agencies can leverage this program to access advanced features such as site performance optimization tools and AI support. By joining the Exclusive Agency Partner Program, agencies can strengthen their brand by providing reliable hosting solutions while tapping into FlyWheel’s robust infrastructure and expertise in WordPress hosting.


FlyWheel Hosting Plans

Explore the comprehensive FlyWheel hosting plans and unleash their features. Discover more on their website.


Pricing and features

FlyWheel Managed Hosting offers a range of pricing and features tailored to meet the needs of designers, agencies, and creatives. Here’s a breakdown in a concise HTML Table format for a quick overview:

Plan Price Features
Tiny $15/month 1 WordPress install, 5GB disk, 20GB bandwidth, 5,000 monthly visits
Starter $30/month 1 WordPress install, 10GB disk, 50GB bandwidth, 25,000 monthly visits
Freelance $115/month Up to 10 WordPress installs, 20GB disk, 200GB bandwidth, 100,000 monthly visits
Agency $290/month Up to 30 WordPress installs, 50GB disk, 500GB bandwidth, 400,000 monthly visits
Custom Contact for pricing Customized solutions for WordPress installs, disk space, bandwidth, and visits

This table offers a glimpse into FlyWheel’s flexible hosting solutions. Each plan comes with managed WordPress features, ensuring optimal performance, security, and support. FlyWheel also provides unique value with its focus on agencies and designers through tools like the Agency Partner Program. With a range of options, users can find the perfect plan to match their needs.


Managed infrastructure options

FlyWheel offers a variety of managed infrastructure options, including dedicated virtual servers with customizable resources for optimal performance. These options are tailored to meet the specific needs of WordPress hosting, ensuring reliable uptime and efficient page load speed.

With FlyWheel’s platform features, users can streamline their workflow and benefit from secure and robust infrastructure without the complexities often associated with managing hosting environments.

For those seeking more than just basic hosting solutions, FlyWheel’s managed infrastructure options provide a reliable foundation for building and maintaining high-performance WordPress websites.


Reliability and security

FlyWheel ensures website security and reliability through robust measures. The platform offers a secure infrastructure, regular security updates, and SSL certificates to protect websites from potential threats.

Their managed hosting also includes automated backups and malware scanning for added peace of mind.

To enhance the reliability aspect, FlyWheel provides fast-loading websites by using modern technology and robust server architecture. With 24/7 monitoring, they can quickly address any issues that may arise, ensuring minimal downtime for hosted websites.


Maintenance and updates

FlyWheel Managed Hosting takes care of maintenance and updates for your WordPress site, so you can focus on your business. With automatic updates and daily backups, your site stays secure and up-to-date without any hassle.

This ensures that your website runs smoothly and is always protected from potential security threats, giving you peace of mind while you concentrate on growing your online presence.

Regular maintenance and updates are crucial to the performance and security of a website. FlyWheel’s managed hosting plans include these services as part of their commitment to providing a reliable and secure hosting environment for their clients’ WordPress websites.


Support options

FlyWheel offers robust support options, including 24/7 expert WordPress assistance via live chat and ticketing system. The team of specialists is dedicated to solving any hosting issues promptly and efficiently.

In addition, FlyWheel provides detailed resources such as extensive documentation, training videos, and forums for self-help troubleshooting. This ensures that users have access to the support they need at all times to keep their websites running smoothly.

The hosting plans come with professional support at every level, from basic technical inquiries to more complex development assistance. Users can rely on FlyWheel’s comprehensive support options to ensure a seamless hosting experience.


The FlyWheel Difference

FlyWheel stands out with advanced features like AI support and site performance optimization. Explore more on their website for detailed information about what sets FlyWheel apart.


Trusted by over 175,000 agencies and creative brands

Over 175,000 agencies and creative brands trust FlyWheel as their hosting partner due to its advanced features, including AI support and site performance optimization. The white label option for branding also sets it apart, making it a preferred choice for those seeking more than just hosting services.

The extensive suite of intuitive tools tailored towards agencies offers a seamless workflow experience that enhances efficiency and productivity. This makes FlyWheel stand out in the ever-evolving world of managed WordPress hosting.


Advanced features such as AI support and site performance optimization

FlyWheel offers advanced features like AI support and site performance optimization. These cutting-edge tools use artificial intelligence to enhance website functionality and speed, ensuring an optimal user experience.

With FlyWheel’s commitment to innovation, your hosting service is equipped with the latest technological advancements for a seamless and efficient WordPress management experience.


White label option for branding

FlyWheel offers a white label option for branding, allowing agencies to customize the platform with their own logo and color scheme. This feature empowers agencies to present the hosting services as their own, maintaining brand consistency across client interactions.

By utilizing the white label option, agencies can elevate their professional image and build trust with clients through a seamless and cohesive experience.

The white label option for branding enhances agency credibility, reinforcing their position as an authoritative and reliable hosting provider for clients seeking WordPress solutions.


Wrapping Up

Discover why FlyWheel is the preferred hosting partner for agencies and how you can get started with them. Explore the most popular WordPress theme and page builder chosen by FlyWheel.


Why FlyWheel is a preferred hosting partner

FlyWheel is the top choice for hosting because of its tailored tools for agencies, white label options, and reliable infrastructure. With over 175,000 satisfied creative brands and agencies placing their trust in FlyWheel, it’s not just a host – it’s a solution designed to enhance your workflow.

Additionally, with advanced features like AI support and site performance optimization, FlyWheel stands out as the preferred partner for WordPress hosting.

Ready to get started with FlyWheel? Dive into their intuitive client management tools and explore Divi, the most popular WordPress theme chosen by FlyWheel that perfectly complements your hosting plan.


How to get started with FlyWheel

To get started with FlyWheel Managed Hosting, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Hosting Plan: Select a plan tailored to your needs and budget from the range of pricing and features offered.
  2. Sign Up: Create an account on the FlyWheel website by providing your details and payment information.
  3. Migration Support: If you already have a website, take advantage of FlyWheel’s migration support to seamlessly transfer your site to their platform.
  4. Set Up Your Website: Use the intuitive tools provided to set up and customize your WordPress website according to your preferences.
  5. Explore Features: Familiarize yourself with the advanced features such as AI support and site performance optimization offered by FlyWheel.
  6. Seek Support: In case of any queries or issues, utilize FlyWheel’s comprehensive support options for assistance.
  7. Launch Your Site: Once everything is set up, launch your website and start enjoying the benefits of managed hosting from FlyWheel.

Remember that choosing the right hosting provider is crucial for the success of your online presence, so taking the time to explore all options is key.


Explore Divi, the most popular WordPress theme and page builder chosen by FlyWheel.

Divi is a user-friendly and innovative WordPress theme and page builder embraced by FlyWheel. Its drag-and-drop interface allows for easy customization, making it ideal for both designers and agencies.

With its versatile features, Divi empowers users to create visually stunning websites without the need for coding expertise. FlyWheel’s choice of Divi as their preferred theme and page builder underscores its commitment to providing intuitive tools that enhance the web development experience.

Unveil the potential of Divi, the top pick for WordPress themes and page builders at FlyWheel! Whether you’re a designer or an agency, this dynamic platform offers seamless customization through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface.



FlyWheel Managed Hosting is the go-to for designers and agencies, offering robust tools and an exclusive Agency Partner Program. Their hosting plans provide managed infrastructure options with top-notch security, reliability, and support.

With advanced features like AI support and white label branding, it’s the preferred choice for over 175,000 creative brands. Start your FlyWheel journey today to experience premier WordPress hos9ting at its best!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What is FlyWheel Managed Hosting?

FlyWheel Managed Hosting is a service that takes care of all your WordPress site needs, from making sure it runs smoothly to keeping it secure.


2. How does FlyWheel help with WordPress hosting pricing?

FlyWheel offers various hosting plans that fit different budgets and needs, helping you manage your WordPress sites without breaking the bank.


3. Can FlyWheel provide tools to improve my workflow?

Yes, FlyWheel provides workflow tools designed to make managing WordPress sites easier and more efficient for users.


4. Why should I choose FlyWheel for my WordPress sites?

Choosing FlyWheel means getting reliable managed hosting with great support, workflow tools for ease of use, and competitive pricing plans tailored for all types of users.


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