Best Inventory Management Software for Manufacturing in this year

Managing inventory in manufacturing can be a big challenge. One fact to note is that the right software can make all the difference. In this blog, we’ll explore the top 15 inventory management software options for manufacturers.


What is Manufacturing Inventory Management Software?

Manufacturing inventory management software is a specialized tool used by companies to keep track of their raw materials, work-in-progress items, and finished products. This type of software helps businesses manage their supply chain and production processes more efficiently.

It integrates various functions such as material requirements planning, order management, and stock management into one system. With this software, manufacturers can quickly see what materials they have on hand, what needs to be ordered, and when to schedule production runs.

This technology also allows for better warehouse management by giving companies the ability to merge orders and utilize features like RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and barcode scanning.

As a result, businesses can minimize waste, reduce costs associated with holding inventory, and improve overall operational efficiency. By streamlining these essential operations with manufacturing inventory management software, companies are better equipped to meet customer demand while maintaining control over their manufacturing processes.


Top 15 Inventory Management Software for Manufacturing

Explore the top 15 inventory management software for manufacturing to streamline your supply chain, control inventory, and enhance production operations. These solutions offer a range of features from asset tracking to warehouse management.



MRPeasy is a comprehensive manufacturing inventory management software that efficiently integrates production planning and control with inventory management. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation make it an ideal solution for small to mid-sized manufacturers.

MRPeasy covers all aspects of manufacturing operations, including supply chain management, production scheduling, asset tracking, and inventory control. With its emphasis on simplicity and practicality, the software streamlines material requirements planning (MRP) and provides a clear overview of stock levels across multiple warehouse locations.

Moreover, MRPeasy’s ability to integrate with existing ERP systems makes it an adaptable choice for businesses looking to optimize their manufacturing processes while minimizing complexity.

This robust system offers features such as batch and expiry date tracking which are crucial in the realm of effective inventory optimization tool for production needs. The software stands out by seamlessly managing complex bill-of-materials (BOM) structures by providing intricate details necessary for manufacturing resource planning.


Cin7 Core

Cin7 Core is a powerful manufacturing inventory management software designed to streamline production operations. It offers advanced features such as multi-warehouse management, order merging, RFID and barcode scanning, and production scheduling.

With Cin7 Core, companies can easily handle complex inventory tasks and optimize their manufacturing processes for efficiency.

Cin7 Core stands out with its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities that cater to the ever-changing needs of the manufacturing industry. Its comprehensive approach towards inventory control makes it an ideal solution for businesses seeking more than just basic stock management.


Katana Cloud Inventory

Katana Cloud Inventory is a manufacturing inventory management software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides real-time, visual dashboards for efficient production planning, order fulfillment, and inventory control.

With its seamless integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Xero, it enables easy tracking of raw materials and finished goods across multiple sales channels.

Katana’s user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality streamline the production process, offering features such as batch tracking, automatic stock adjustments, multi-location management, and material requirements planning (MRP).

This cloud-based solution ensures that manufacturers have a clear overview of their operations at all times while optimizing their workflow.



StockTrim streamlines inventory management for manufacturing by automating demand forecasting and replenishment ordering. It optimizes stock levels, minimizes waste, maximizes cash flow, and mitigates stockouts.

The software integrates seamlessly with leading ERP systems and provides real-time updates on inventory levels, helping businesses make informed decisions and eliminating costly human errors in the process.

StockTrim is a powerful tool designed to enhance production efficiency and reduce costs across the supply chain, making it an invaluable asset for industries seeking comprehensive inventory control solutions.


PBS Accounting

PBS Accounting streamlines inventory management and offers comprehensive financial tools specially tailored for manufacturing operations. It provides real-time tracking of inventory levels, enabling efficient supply chain management and production planning.

PBS Accounting’s user-friendly interface ensures effortless navigation through its various features like multi-warehouse management, barcode scanning, and order merging.

This software is designed to enhance operational efficiency in the ever-evolving realm of manufacturing inventory control systems, making it a top choice for businesses seeking robust inventory management solutions.



Netstock is a robust inventory management software designed to enhance material management in manufacturing operations. It underpins supply chain management and effectively controls inventory tracking and control systems.

This solution is tailored towards the ever-evolving complexities of production inventory management, ensuring operational efficiency and facilitating better decision-making with its meticulous features like multi-warehouse management and order merging.

Netstock unlocks the secrets of efficient inventory control software for manufacturing, not only improving the realm of warehouse management but also streamlining production processes.


AcctVantage ERP

AcctVantage ERP streamlines inventory management for manufacturing. It includes features such as multi-warehouse management and production scheduling.

AcctVantage ERP is designed to enhance material and supply chain management, offering comprehensive solutions for industrial production.

With AcctVantage ERP, users can effectively manage their warehouse operations and optimize inventory control. This software provides a user-friendly interface for efficient tracking of manufacturing inventory throughout the supply chain process.

Moreover, it delivers customized solutions tailored towards specific industry needs, ensuring operational efficiency across the board.



InventoryCloud is a robust inventory management software tailored for manufacturing operations. It is designed to enhance material management, warehouse organization, and production inventory tracking.

With features like multi-warehouse management and RFID/barcode scanning, InventoryCloud efficiently underpins supply chain management in the realm of industrial production. This solution unlocks the secrets to improved operational efficiency and seamless inventory control within the ever-evolving world of manufacturing.



Fishbowl provides robust inventory management software for manufacturing operations, offering features like multi-warehouse management and order merging. It includes barcode scanning functionality and allows multiple images per item, enhancing material management in manufacturing.

Fishbowl’s production scheduling feature helps streamline industrial production processes efficiently. This solution is tailored towards ever-evolving manufacturing needs and underpins supply chain efficiency with its advanced warehouse management capabilities.


QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is a powerful inventory management software designed for manufacturing operations. It offers features such as multi-warehouse management, order merging, and barcode scanning to streamline production inventory management.

With its user-friendly interface and customization options, it caters to the specific needs of manufacturing businesses, making it an ideal solution for material and warehouse management in industrial production settings.

This software provides a comprehensive solution for supply chain management and inventory tracking in manufacturing, offering tools to enhance operational efficiency and reduce complexities in the realm of production inventory management.



NetSuite offers a comprehensive solution for manufacturing inventory management. It provides features such as multi-warehouse management, production scheduling, and supply chain management software.

With NetSuite, businesses can effectively manage their material handling and streamline their production processes. The system caters to the ever-evolving needs of manufacturing operations with its robust suite of tools, offering tailored solutions for inventory tracking and material management.

Furthermore, NetSuite also underpins warehouse management software, allowing businesses to efficiently track their inventory across different locations. Its capabilities span beyond basic inventory control – it delves into complexities of modern manufacturing to unlock the secrets of effective production inventory management solutions.



JobBOSS² offers a comprehensive ERP software solution for manufacturing operations management. It is tailored towards material management and inventory tracking, providing robust inventory management solutions for industrial production.

The system emphasizes simplified inventory management, multi-warehouse capabilities, and order merging to enhance operational efficiency.

With its focus on production scheduling and RFID/barcode scanning, JobBOSS² stands out as an ideal choice for companies seeking advanced inventory software for production management in the ever-evolving realm of manufacturing.



Odoo is a comprehensive inventory management software for manufacturing that offers a user-friendly interface and strong features. It allows for effective multi-warehouse management, simplifying the monitoring and control of stock across different locations.

With its robust RFID and barcode scanning capabilities, Odoo ensures accurate tracking of materials from receipt to production. The system also supports order merging, enabling streamlined processing of customer orders for improved efficiency in a manufacturing environment.

For small to medium-sized manufacturers seeking an efficient and reliable inventory management solution, Odoo stands out as an accessible and feature-rich choice.



ERPAG offers comprehensive inventory management solutions tailored specifically towards industrial production. With features such as simplified inventory management, multi-warehouse capabilities, and RFID/barcode scanning, it underpins operational efficiency in the ever-evolving realm of manufacturing.

The software is designed to enhance not only material management but also production scheduling and order merging. ERPAG is a robust solution for manufacturers seeking more than just a basic inventory tracking system, making it a top choice when it comes to inventory management software for industrial production.


SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a robust inventory management software tailored towards manufacturing. It underpins material and production management, with multi-warehouse capabilities and RFID/barcode scanning for meticulous tracking.

The system is designed to enhance operational efficiency, offering features such as simplified inventory management and order merging, making it ideal for the complexities of the manufacturing realm.

SAP Business One unlocks the secrets to effective material management in the ever-evolving world of manufacturing.


Key Features to Look for in Manufacturing Inventory Management Software

When choosing manufacturing inventory management software, consider features such as simplified inventory management, multi-warehouse capabilities, order merging, RFID and barcode scanning, multiple item images, and production scheduling.


Simplified inventory management

Manufacturing inventory management software streamlines tracking and organizing stock levels, making it easier to oversee product availability.

These systems enable straightforward tracking of inventory movement, allowing businesses to monitor stock levels with ease while keeping a close eye on reorder points and managing incoming stock efficiently.

By simplifying the process of cataloging products, manufacturers can save time and effort in handling their materials effectively for seamless production processes and improved customer satisfaction.


Multi-warehouse management

Efficiently manage inventory across multiple warehouse locations with the software’s intuitive interface. Track stock levels, transfers, and shipments to streamline operations and prevent overstock or stockouts at each location.

Maintain real-time visibility into inventory movement and optimize fulfillment processes for increased efficiency.

Stay on top of stock movements in different warehouses, making it easier to allocate resources effectively and reduce lead times. Fine-tune order processing by utilizing the software’s multi-warehouse management capabilities to meet customer demand promptly while minimizing shipping costs.


Order merging

Manufacturing inventory management software with the feature of order merging consolidates multiple orders for efficient processing. It allows users to combine separate orders from the same customer or different customers into one shipment, saving time and reducing shipping costs.

This capability streamlines the fulfillment process and minimizes errors, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. The software also provides real-time visibility into merged orders, ensuring accurate inventory tracking and efficient order management.

Ensure efficient order processing by choosing a manufacturing inventory management software that offers seamless order merging functionality, enhancing your operational efficiency and customer experience while minimizing shipping costs.


RFID and barcode scanning

RFID and barcode scanning in inventory management software enable quick and accurate tracking of stock movements. It simplifies the process of identifying, counting, and locating items within the manufacturing facility.

The integration of RFID and barcode scanning enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and streamlines overall operations. These features ensure seamless material management by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels while supporting precise order fulfillment and replenishment processes.

Implementing RFID and barcode scanning within your inventory management system is crucial for maintaining accuracy, improving productivity, and ensuring smooth manufacturing operations.


Multiple item images

Manufacturing inventory management software that offers the feature of multiple item images allows users to attach and view various pictures of a product within the system. This enables better visual tracking and identification of each item, especially useful for manufacturing processes where products have different variations or components.

With this capability, users can easily recognize and manage their inventory based on specific visual attributes, enhancing overall material management efficiency.

Incorporating multiple item images in your manufacturing inventory tracking system not only improves visual recognition but also streamlines the handling of diverse products. It provides a user-friendly approach to identifying items across warehouses or production stages, ultimately enhancing the accuracy and speed of managing materials in a manufacturing setup.


Product bundling

Manufacturing inventory management software with product bundling capability allows users to group multiple items together for sale as a single unit. This feature streamlines the process of selling complementary products or components by creating bundled product listings with associated discounts and pricing.

It also helps in tracking and managing bundled inventory levels, ensuring efficient stock control while enhancing sales opportunities.

The product bundling functionality within these software solutions enables manufacturers to offer attractive package deals, enhance customer satisfaction, optimize sales strategies, and effortlessly handle the complexities of managing bundled products within their inventory system.


Production scheduling

Streamline production processes with manufacturing inventory management software that offers robust production scheduling capabilities. Ensure efficient allocation of resources, timely task assignment, and optimal workflow coordination for seamless production operations.

Maximize productivity by accurately forecasting lead times, managing dependencies between tasks, and optimizing production schedules to meet demand fluctuations across multiple warehouses.

Gain real-time visibility into work orders, machine utilization, and material availability to eliminate bottleneering.


Choosing the Right Manufacturing Inventory Management Software

When choosing the right manufacturing inventory management software, consider identifying business needs and understanding benefits and potential issues. Compare popular options, analyze buyer’s guides and recommended software for specific industries to make an informed decision.


Identifying business needs

Identify your business’s specific inventory management requirements. Determine the volume of materials, frequency of orders, and the number of warehouses to manage effectively.

Evaluate your current challenges in tracking inventory and fulfilling orders accurately using reliable software for material management.

Understanding the intricacies of your production process will help you choose a system that best fits your company’s unique demands for managing stock efficiently, capturing real-time data, and optimizing workflows for enhanced productivity in manufacturing.


Understanding benefits and potential issues

Manufacturing inventory management software offers numerous benefits for streamlining operations and increasing efficiency. It provides real-time tracking of materials, reduces excess stock, and improves order accuracy.

Additionally, it minimizes the risk of stockouts and helps in identifying slow-moving items to optimize inventory levels.

However, there are potential issues to consider such as initial setup costs, integration challenges with existing systems, and the learning curve for employees. Ensuring smooth implementation and providing adequate training can help mitigate these issues and maximize the benefits of using manufacturing inventory management software.


Trends in the market

The market for manufacturing inventory management software is witnessing a shift towards cloud-based solutions, enabling real-time access and collaboration. More emphasis is being placed on integrated analytics and reporting tools to provide actionable insights for improved decision-making.

Additionally, there is a growing focus on scalable and customizable platforms to accommodate the diverse needs of modern manufacturing businesses. This trend aligns with the increasing demand for mobile-friendly interfaces and seamless connectivity with other business systems.

Furthermore, industry-specific functionality is becoming more prevalent in manufacturing inventory management software, catering to the unique requirements of sectors like automotive, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.


Comparing popular options

Comparing popular inventory management software options is crucial for manufacturers aiming to streamline operations. This comparison focuses on key features, pricing, and user ratings to assist in making an informed choice.

Software Key Features Pricing User Ratings
MRPeasy Simplified inventory, Multi-warehouse, Production scheduling Starting at $49/user/month 4.5/5
Cin7 Core Order merging, RFID/barcode scanning, Multi-warehouse Contact for pricing 4.3/5
Katana Cloud Inventory Product bundling, Simplified inventory, Production scheduling Starting at $99/month 4.7/5
StockTrim Demand forecasting, Multi-warehouse, Order optimization Starting at $99/month 4.6/5
PBS Accounting Integrated accounting, Inventory tracking, Custom reporting Contact for pricing 4.2/5
Netstock Inventory optimization, Forecasting, Dashboard analytics Starting at $400/month 4.5/5
AcctVantage ERP ERP integration, Customizable dashboards, Advanced reporting Starting at $10,000/year 4.3/5
InventoryCloud Web-based, Tracking and reporting, Barcode scanning Contact for pricing 4.4/5
Fishbowl Warehouse management, Manufacturing management, QuickBooks integration Starting at $4,395 4.2/5
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Advanced inventory, Job costing, Customizable reports Starting at $1,275/year 4.5/5
NetSuite Cloud-based, Real-time data, Scalable Contact for pricing 4.1/5
JobBOSS² Shop floor control, Quoting, Job tracking Contact for pricing 4.3/5
Odoo Open-source, Integrated apps, Customizable modules Free Community version, Enterprise starts at $20/user/month 4.2/5
ERPAG Manufacturing management, Sales management, Supply chain management Starting at $49/month 4.5/5
SAP Business One Business management, CRM, Analytics Contact for pricing 4.2/5



Buyer’s guide

When choosing manufacturing inventory management software, start by identifying your business needs and assessing how the software can address them. Understand the potential benefits and issues before making a decision.

Stay informed about current market trends to make a well-informed choice. Compare popular options based on key features such as simplified inventory management, multi-warehouse capabilities, RFID and barcode scanning, order merging, production scheduling, and product bundling.

Consider recommended software for specific industries to improve operational efficiency with customer reviews and requests for demo opportunities.


Recommended software for specific industries

  1. For the food and beverage industry, Katana Cloud Inventory offers features such as batch tracking and expiry date management.
  2. NetSuite is recommended for the retail industry with capabilities for managing multiple sales channels and complex pricing structures.
  3. For the pharmaceutical sector, SAP Business One provides functionalities for compliance with regulatory standards and traceability of materials.
  4. Fishbowl is suitable for businesses in the automotive industry due to its ability to handle complex bill of materials and serial number tracking.
  5. Odoo is ideal for the manufacturing industry, offering comprehensive modules for production planning, quality control, and maintenance management.
  6. SMBs in the fashion and apparel industry can benefit from Cin7 Core with features like size and color matrix management.
  7. MRPeasy is tailored for small manufacturers looking for a user – friendly solution with material requirements planning (MRP) functionality.
  8. AcctVantage ERP caters to the needs of distributors by providing tools for inventory replenishment and supplier management.
  9. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise suits businesses in construction with advanced job costing, progress invoicing, and retention tracking features.
  10. StockTrim is recommended for e – commerce businesses needing demand forecasting, supplier collaboration, and purchase order automation.

This approach aims at making it easier to locate suitable software according to specific industry needs without unnecessary verbosity or repetition.


Improving operational efficiency with inventory management software

Inventory management software can streamline manufacturing processes by automating inventory tracking, reducing stockouts, and optimizing reorder points. It enables accurate demand forecasting, ensuring that materials are readily available for production.

Barcode scanning and RFID technology help in real-time tracking of inventory movements across multiple warehouses, offering better visibility and control over stock levels. Additionally, the software provides insights into product performance, allowing for informed decision-making to minimize waste and improve overall operational efficiency.

Effective inventory management software facilitates efficient resource allocation by identifying slow-moving items and eliminating bottlenecks in the supply chain. Moreover, it aids in maintaining optimal stock levels to prevent overstocking or shortage issues.


Customer reviews and requests for demo

Customers are eager to share their feedback and request demos of the manufacturing inventory management software. They express interest in features like simplified inventory management, multi-warehouse support, and efficient production scheduling.

Many are looking for user-friendly interfaces that can seamlessly integrate with existing systems and handle complex operations effortlessly. Their reviews encompass a range of industries, confirming the diverse applicability of these solutions in streamlining inventory processes.



Discover the ideal manufacturing inventory management software tailored to your business needs. Explore top solutions such as MRPeasy, Cin7 Core, and Katana Cloud Inventory for seamless inventory tracking and production scheduling.

Elevate operational efficiency with features like RFID scanning and multi-warehouse management. Make an informed decision by comparing popular options and understanding the benefits each software offers across different industries.

Find the perfect fit to enhance your manufacturing processes today!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What is inventory management software for manufacturing?

Inventory management software for manufacturing helps track materials and products, making sure businesses have what they need to make and sell goods.


2. How does inventory management system help manufacturers?

This system keeps track of all the items in a factory, from raw materials to finished products, helping workers know what’s available and what needs to be ordered.


3. Can manufacturing inventory tracking software improve my business?

Yes, it can! By using this software, your business can avoid running out of materials or having too much stock, saving money and space.

4. Are there different types of inventory management solutions for manufacturing?

Yes, there are many types designed to fit different sizes of businesses and kinds of factories. Some solutions focus on specific parts like material management or tracking finished goods.


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