Ranking Of The Top Internet Providers In Illinois

Finding the best internet providers in Illinois can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many options, it’s hard to know where to start or what really makes one provider better than another for your needs.

Through this article, we’ll guide you through comparing these providers based on crucial factors such as availability, speed, price, and customer satisfaction—all aimed at making your decision easier. Ready to find your match?


Overview of internet providers in Illinois

In Illinois, internet users have many choices for their service. Providers like AT&T, Xfinity, and T-Mobile Home Internet offer different types of connections including fiber, cable, and satellite options.

With speeds that can go from slow to as fast as 5,000 mbps and prices ranging widely—starting at about $25 a month in places like Chicago—everyone can find something that fits their needs.

Especially in big cities across the state, finding the best internet providers in Illinois means looking at what’s available right where you live.

Each provider brings something unique. For example, AT&T Fiber is known for its high-speed offerings while Xfinity relies on its vast cable network to serve lots of customers. Then there’s T-Mobile Home Internet which uses mobile technology to reach areas other providers might not cover as well.

This variety ensures residents can access fast internet whether they are into gaming, streaming movies or just browsing online. It also means people need to compare carefully—looking at speed tests results and checking out customer satisfaction scores—to pick the perfect service for their home.


Importance of comparing providers

Comparing internet providers is like picking the best fruit from a tree. You want the juiciest one with the best flavor for your money. In Illinois, you have choices – AT&T Fiber, Xfinity, and T-Mobile Home Internet are just a few big names.

They all offer different plans, speeds, and prices. Some give you super fast internet for streaming movies without buffering; others might fit your budget better.

Knowing what each provider offers helps you make a smart choice. Maybe you need blazing speed for gaming or a reliable connection for working from home. Prices can vary too – some start as low as $25 a month in Chicago! That’s why it pays to look around and compare.

This way, you find the service that matches what you need without paying extra for stuff you don’t use.


Top Internet Providers in Illinois

In Illinois, top internet providers like AT&T Fiber, Xfinity, Astound Broadband, and T-Mobile Home Internet give you lots of choices for staying connected. Find out more about each to pick the best one for you!


AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber stands out as the best internet choice for many in Illinois. It offers fast speeds ranging from 300 to 5,000 mbps. People can pick plans that cost between $55 and $250 a month.

This wide range makes AT&T Fiber a great option for anyone looking for high-speed internet.

Its services cover various needs, whether folks are into gaming, streaming movies, or just browsing the web. With such high speeds, buffering becomes a thing of the past. Plus, there’s plenty of bandwidth for everyone in the house to stay connected without slowdowns.



Xfinity stands out in Illinois for its cable internet services. They offer fast speeds that fit well whether you’re streaming, gaming, or just browsing the web. Prices start low, making it a good pick for many families.

Xfinity also gives you options to bundle your internet with TV and phone services, which can save money.

This provider is known for reliable service across many areas of Illinois. With Xfinity, customers enjoy benefits like no contract options and access to Wi-Fi hotspots when away from home.

This makes staying connected easy, whether at home or on the go. Their customer service is ready to help if you need it, adding to the reasons why they are a popular choice among users looking for top-notch internet connectivity.


Astound Broadband

Astound Broadband offers fast and reliable internet service in Illinois. Their plans work well for families, gamers, and anyone who needs a strong online connection. It’s not just about speed; they also focus on customer satisfaction.

This provider makes it easy to find a plan that fits your budget and internet use. From streaming movies to playing online games, Astound has options for everyone. They’re all about giving you great service without breaking the bank.


T-Mobile Home Internet

T-Mobile Home Internet is making waves in Illinois. This service offers a different choice for people looking for speed and reliability without cables or phone lines. It uses the same signals your cell phone does, but for your whole house.

You get fast internet that can handle streaming, gaming, and all your online needs. It’s easy to set up too. Just plug in the device they send you, and you’re ready to go.

People like it because it’s simple and works well. No long waits for installation or tricky setups. Plus, T-Mobile often updates its tech to make sure you keep getting good service.

They also offer plans with no surprise fees – what you see is what you pay each month. For many in Illinois, this could be a smart pick for keeping connected at home.


Comparing Internet Providers in Illinois

Picking the right internet provider in Illinois is key. We look at what they offer, from how fast and wide their service is, to how much it costs and if people like using them.



Availability figures as a key factor when comparing internet providers in Illinois, with varied coverage across the state. Here’s a concise breakdown in HTML Table format:

Internet Provider Availability in Illinois
AT&T Fiber Widely available in major urban areas and expanding to suburban regions
Xfinity Extensive coverage in Illinois, notably in Chicago and surrounding areas
Astound Broadband Limited availability, primarily in select urban and suburban locations
T-Mobile Home Internet Growing presence, especially in areas underserved by traditional broadband


This table showcases the key players and their reach across Illinois. AT&T Fiber shines with its high-speed offerings in major cities and is stretching its legs into the suburbs. Xfinity blankets much of Illinois, especially the bustling city of Chicago. Astound Broadband, while more niche, finds its foothold in certain pockets.

Lastly, T-Mobile Home Internet is making strides in expanding access, especially valuable in regions previously with limited choices. Each provider’s presence reflects a diverse landscape of internet services in Illinois, pointing users towards finding a match that suits not just their needs but also their location.



Speed is a critical factor when comparing internet providers in Illinois. Let’s take a closer look at how the top contenders measure up.

Provider Minimum Speed (mbps) Maximum Speed (mbps) Technology
AT&T Fiber 300 5000 Fiber
Xfinity Variable Up to 1200 Cable
Astound Broadband Not Specified Not Specified Cable/Fiber
T-Mobile Home Internet Variable Up to 100 5G


Speeds vary widely. AT&T Fiber leads with its blazing-fast options, reaching up to 5,000 mbps. Perfect for everything from casual browsing to heavy-duty streaming and gaming. Xfinity follows, catering to a broad range of needs with its cable service. While not as rapid as fiber, it’s reliable for most households.

Astound Broadband’s offerings are a bit of a mystery, but they blend cable and fiber technologies. T-Mobile Home Internet emerges as a contender with its 5G service, suitable for users with moderate demands. Each provider showcases strengths depending on your need for speed.



Discussing the price aspect of internet services in Illinois provides a clear view of how these top providers position themselves in the market. Choices range widely, catering to different budgets and needs. Here’s a straightforward comparison to help you gauge what might fit your wallet best:

Provider Starting Price High-End Price Notes
AT&T Fiber $55 $250 Offers speeds from 300 to 5,000 mbps
Xfinity Varies widely Varies widely Cable internet service with flexible plans
Astound Broadband Not specified Not specified Known for competitive local offerings
T-Mobile Home Internet Starts at $50 $50 One simple plan, no price tiers


Costs can be a major deciding factor for many consumers. AT&T Fiber, for instance, clearly stands out for those prioritizing speed, offering a significant range in both performance and pricing. On the other hand, T-Mobile Home Internet opts for simplicity, presenting a single plan that might appeal to users seeking straightforward, no-nonsense internet service.

Xfinity and Astound Broadband, while varying in their offerings, ensure users have a spectrum of choices, possibly fitting various household needs and budgets. Always consider what you get for the price, from speed to customer service, before making a choice.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a big role in picking the right internet service. People like quick and easy help when they have problems. Good customer care makes a big difference. Happy customers talk well about their internet, helping you decide which is best.

Reviews and ratings are useful too. They show what people think about speed, reliability, and value for money. It’s smart to look at these before choosing an internet provider in Illinois. This way, you find one that makes most customers happy.


Factors to Consider When Choosing an Internet Provider

Picking the right internet provider goes beyond just speed and price. Think about what you do online, and how many devices need to connect. This helps find a good match for your needs.


Type of internet service

Different internet services fit different needs. Illinois has cable, DSL, satellite, and fiber options. Cable internet comes through the same lines as TV cable services. It’s fast and widely available.

DSL uses phone lines but is slower than cable. Satellite reaches rural areas where other types might not go but can be less reliable during bad weather. Fiber is the fastest option and great for heavy internet use, like streaming or gaming.

AT&T Fiber in Illinois offers speeds from 300 to 5,000 mbps – super quick! But not everywhere can get every type of service.

Choosing depends on what you do online and where you live. For just checking emails or reading news, DSL might work fine and save money. Big families who stream movies in HD or play online games will love fiber if it’s an option.

In cities like Chicago, many can pick from several kinds of service while others might only have one choice if they’re further out in less populated areas.


Number of connected devices

The number of devices you connect to the internet at home matters a lot. More gadgets mean you need faster internet. Think about phones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs all using Wi-Fi at the same time.

This can slow things down if your plan isn’t fast enough.

Choosing an internet plan means thinking about how many devices you use. You want everyone in the house to enjoy their shows, games, and work without trouble. So, picking a service that can handle everything is key.

Plans from providers like AT&T Fiber or Xfinity offer various speeds that fit different families’ needs – whether it’s just a few devices or a whole bunch of them connecting at once.


Usage (streaming/gaming)

Choosing the right internet service in Illinois is key for gaming and streaming. Fast speeds keep games smooth and videos sharp. AT&T Fiber, with speeds up to 5,000 mbps, makes sure gamers play without delay and streamers watch in high quality.

Prices range from $55 to $250, offering options for every budget.

For families or roommates all connecting at once, it’s smart to pick a plan that handles multiple devices easily. Streaming movies on Netflix while someone else plays online games? You’ll need an internet provider like Xfinity or T-Mobile Home Internet that won’t slow down when everyone hops on at the same time.

This keeps everyone happy, whether they’re battling it out in a game or binge-watching their favorite show.


Additional services (phone/TV)

Many internet providers in Illinois offer more than just fast internet. They also have phone and TV services. This is great for families who want everything in one place. You might see packages with high-speed internet, lots of TV channels, and unlimited phone calls.

These bundles can save money and make life simpler.

Some people care a lot about their home entertainment. They look at which TV channels are included or if they can add their favorite sports package. Others focus on phone features, like international calling plans without extra cost.

By comparing these offers, you find the best deal for your needs.



Finding the right internet provider in Illinois is key. We looked at AT&T Fiber, Xfinity, Astound Broadband, and T-Mobile Home Internet. They all offer different speeds, prices, and services.

Think about what you need – fast speed for gaming or lots of devices at home. Making a smart choice can lead to better internet experiences every day!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Who offers the fastest internet in Illinois?

Xfinity brings the speed, leading with some of the quickest internet options around.


2. Can I find affordable internet plans in Illinois?

Yes, AT&T has wallet-friendly plans that keep you connected without breaking the bank.


3. Are there good options for rural areas in Illinois?

Sure thing! HughesNet and Viasat shine with their satellite services, reaching even the most tucked-away spots.


4. Do any providers offer no-contract internet plans in Illinois?

Absolutely, Spectrum lets you enjoy fast internet without tying you down to a long-term deal.


5. How do I choose between all these providers?

Think about what matters most to you: speed, cost, or flexibility? That’ll help narrow it down—there’s something for everyone!


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